Urban Investors was founded in 2004 on the premise that honesty and integrity are the basic foundation of doing business. We take pride in the high standards of management that we have set and this insures that the character of our work will always be of the highest quality. Our clients have given us the opportunity to manage what for the majority is one of the most valuable assets they own. We do not take this honor lightly. You deserve and will receive from Urban Investors dedication, professionalism and unconditional commitment in all tasks performed by us. We will provide for you that sense of confidence you deserve and the security that you demand in all of our undertakings.

Floretta Davis-Trent

Urban Investors Property Management and Investments is a local residential and commercial management company serving the Cleveland Ohio, MD, DC and VA areas.

Urban Investors’ acknowledges the importance of not only maintaining dwelling occupancy but properly qualifying lease holders to lower the risk of bad tenancy, with a full background check.

We are the first and last call for our tenants. Landlords and owners can now live stress free to collect their passive income without the hassle of management services. No more huge gaps between tenancy. Urban Investors will market your property prior to vacancy to secure a qualified tenant. Property management services can be customized to fit the landlords needs. Urban Investors serves landlords who are local, living out-of-state and abroad. 

Services to include but no limited to:

Tenant move -in and move-out inspections with photos.

Semi-annual walk thrus to insure that the tenants are taking pride of tenancy by keeping the interior and exterior of the home in a good, safe and sanitary condition.

All legal filings, documents and court hearings will be initiated and completed by Urban Investors, if a need arises. Our goal is respect the time of our client's. Landlords will be notified in advance if their appearance is needed for any reason.

Reasonable yearly rent increases, per landlord/owner request and approval. 

Coordinate maintenance repairs upon approval from landlords. 

Keep accurate tenant rent ledgers.

Direct deposit of rent received minus management fees scheduled directly to landlord/owner accounts. 

Other services, are available upon request.

If you would like more information about our services, please give us a call 301-648-0611. We are dedicated to making your life easier.

Floretta Davis-Trent
Property Manager


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Floretta Davis-Trent
Floretta Davis-Trent
Realtor, Team Leader
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