Urban Investors was founded on the premise that honesty and integrity are the basic foundation of doing business. We take pride in the high standards of management that we have set and this insures that the character of our work will always be of the highest quality. Our clients have given us the opportunity to manage what for the majority is one of the most valuable assets they own. We do not take this honor lightly. You deserve and will receive from Urban Investors dedication, professionalism and unconditional commitment in all tasks performed by us. We will provide for you that sense of confidence you deserve and the security that you demand in all of our undertakings.

Floretta Davis-Tucker

Urban Investors is a local property management company in the DC Metropolitan area. We are working hand and hand with several government agencies to house individual and families that have suffered lost due to fire, flood or any unfortunate circumstance. We have over 100 families in need of housing. There are agencies that assist the prospective tenants with the 1st month rent and security deposit in Washington D.C. All leaseholders have or will go through tenant screening (employment verification, income verification, rental history, credit review, et cetera). We work diligently with the department of housing to offer assistance to housing voucher participant (Section 8).

Urban Investors’ purpose for reaching out to you is to assist you with finding well-qualified tenants to occupy your vacant units immediately. There is a shortage of available rental units in the metropolitan area. Families are in need of housing, now. If you are seeking qualified tenants for your home that has either been on the market for sale or rent, give us a call. We may have a tenant ready to occupy your property. Most of the tenants are ready for an immediate move.

There may be some investors or homeowners not interested in having their properties managed. Urban Investors can customize a property management agreement that suits your budget. Most fees are incorporated in the rent. Basically, the tenant pays the management fee and you, the owner, get the tax write-off. We offer the lowest property management rates in the area. We offer discounts on multiple properties by one owner. All monthly rent payments are deposited directly into an account of the unit’s owner. If any inspections are required for tenant occupancy, we will perform a pre-inspection and attend the official inspection.

Services to include but no limited to:

Tenant move -in inspection with photos 

Quarterly and/or semi-annual walk thru to insure the tenants are taking pride of tenancy by keeping the interior and exterior of the home in a good, safe and sanitary manor. If findings are noted, the tenant will have 7-10 days to correct prior to re-inspection.

All legal filings, documents and court hearings will be initiated and completed by Urban Investors, if a need has arisen.

Rent increases will be considered at the end of each lease term.

Urban Investors invoices will be mailed or emailed each month. An end of the year statement will provided, upon request.

The delivery of the monthly rent can be done by direct deposit or mail.

If you wish to terminate your Urban Investors Agreement, a 30 day written notice will be required. No penalties will be assessed as long as at least half of the contracted time has passed.

If you would like more information about our services, please give us a call 301-648-0611. We are dedicated to making your life easier.

Floretta Davis-Tucker
Property Manager


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  • Yolanda Jones 

Their contact information can be provided upon request.
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Floretta Davis-Tucker
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